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The commercial wine kit business started with Wine Art here in Vancouver in 1959. In 2002 a franchise chain of consumer made wine stores called Wine Kitz merged with the corporate chain Wine Art stores to form a new company. The merger brought together the enthusiastic drive of owner operated Wine Kitz franchise stores and the high quality products produced by Wine Art. The new company continues to sell the popular Wine Art brand of kit as well as the more full bodied line of Wine Kitz brand kits. Both kits make wine of exceptional quality.

In April 2017 we took over ownership of the Coquitlam Wine Kitz store. We have always enjoyed making wine and have bottled here at Wine Kitz for the last 12 years! We look forward to helping our customers make quality wine, beer, and cider from kits. The kit industry has grown and improved exponentially in Canada over the past several years and the quality of the product produced from kits rivals many commercial products in blind tastings.

Wine has become a culture - drinking wine, learning about the different grapes and regions, right down to the fancy glasses. West coasters love to be a part of the wine culture and to share it with family and friends. What better way to do that then ordering your own wine and designing your own labels? It also helps that quality wines are a fraction of the cost of commercial products, as well as having less preservatives.

So drop by today and see what wine making is all about. Ask for a tour!


Lisa Bewley and Keyvan Kiani


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